Acne Treatment


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Acne Treatment

Tea tree is known to act for its natural acne treat effect, penetrates into deep skin to promote nutrition absorption, eliminate impurities and help in calming irritated skin balance oil secretion on the face to keep pores moisturized, thus leaving skin creates delicate smooth. This toner is rich in tea tree essence, you can have a try.


Tea tree has good purification effect, convergence pore, balance water and oil secretion, improve skin problems such as acne, skin gloss, and effectively improve skin problems such as dry itching and discomfort.

Improve skin, make skin moist, energetic, healthy and elastic.

Converge acne, purify pore, avoid blackhead and pore blockage

Relax penetration, effectively penetrate and relieve skin discomfort.

Made of fine quality material, safe, colorless, no stimulation, environmental, skin friendly and no adverse effects.

Reducing inflammation, eliminating acne and desalination of acne scars.

Extract plant essence, mild and delicate texture, easy to absorb.

It also has the anti-inflammatory, bacteria elimination, beautiful and skin nourishing.

Improve your metabolism, blood circulation, anti-inflammatory treatment, balance the skin color, anti-wrinkles, anti pimple and prevent acne.

Moreover it will nourish and repair skin to keep delicate skin pores that improves roughness and dullness, leaving your skin regains the plump and moist healthy condition.



Supplier No.: 8052

Name: Refreshing Water

Net content: 30ML

INGREDIENT: Puntia dillenii extract, Punica granatum extract, Salvia miltirrhiza extract, Scutellaria baicalensis extract, Gycyrrhiza uralensis extract, Camellia sinensis extract, Sodiumhyaluronate, Dipotassium Hydrogenated Castor Oil

Item weight: 50g / 1.76ounce

Package size: 109 * 34 * 34mm / 4.29 * 1.34 * 1.34in

Package weight: 56g / 1.98ounce

Package list:

1 * Refreshing Water




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