Alpha Hydroxy Acid Cream


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Alpha Hydroxy Acid Cream

Apply directly after cleansing the skin. Can be used for overall body. Apply directly to effected areas.


Main Ingredient

  1. 12% concentration of malic acid: an internationally recognized therapeutic ingredient for keratosis follicularis

2. Rice fermented material: supplement nutrition

3.Oat Peptide: Deep nourishment Repair skin

4.Glycerin: regulates oil, moisturizes and smooths

5.Citric acid: makes the skin tender


Product efficacy

soften keratin, shrink pores, remove keratosis follicularis


Sometimes called “chicken skin” most commonly located on back of arms and legs and other parts of the body.



Brand:   Fonce

Origin:   China

Net Weight: 30g

Shelf Life: 2years


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