Amino Acid Face Wash


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Amino Acid Face Wash


BIOAQUA Amino Acid Foam Face Wash


  • Quality skin you can achieve Essential skin care Fast cleansing that gives you fresh skin Unique foam texture It removes excess oil and grease to make you more beautiful
  • Unique feature Brush is an effective cleansing tool Combined with high quality foam Makes your skin clearer than ever
  • Has a great hydrating effect Improves texture of your skin Restores natural brightness Meet the easiest way to remove dirt and grease
  • Foam brush clear skin Advanced cleansing for the best skin care experience Reliable brush head Natural components It’s easy to use Combined skin care Multiple effects Hyaluronic acid Amino acids
  • Moisturizing It creates a powerful hydrating effect Nourishment Contains all vital components for skin Massaging The brush helps in massaging It locks water in your skin


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