Body Butter Lotion


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Body Butter Lotion

Demysey Butter Body Lotion


Apply to entire body. Best used after bathing for better absorption.



Product introduction: Contains botanical skin-lighting arbutin component, moisturizing texture, light and thin, improve dull skin tone and uneven skin tone, improve skin’s gloss, while delicate pores, firming skin, make skin glow brightly .

The main ingredients are introduced:

Arbutin: It inhibits the formation of melanin and penetrates the skin quickly, thus reducing the pigmentation of the skin, brightening the complexion and improving uneven skin tone.

Xanthan gum, it prevents the skin from appearing dark yellow and uneven skin tone during early aging.

Sodium hyaluronate: moisturizing and hydrating, it can absorb 1000 times its own weight of water, retain moisture in the skin and prevent the loss of moisture, improve skin dryness, increase skin gloss, make skin smooth, soft and elastic.

Gentian root: soothes sensitive, anti-oxidant, moisturizing


Counterclockwise rotation, can open, clockwise rotation, can close





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