Collagen Cream




Collagen Cream


Australia Sheep Oil Lanolin Nourish Face Cream Collagen Moisturizing Soothing Hydrating Brightening Anti-Aging Cream Skin Care


  • The origin Australian sheep oil is rich in lanolin, complex vitamins and amino acids and other active ingredients. Its long-lasting release of active ingredients is unique in deep conditioning, moisturizing, nutrition, whitening, repair and balance of oil and other skin care effects.
  • The main components of sheep oil are natural fats in wool, not fat, absorbing fast, moist and not greasy, having good skin-friendly properties, having very good penetration, absorption, moisturizing and other effects, but also provide a A special layer of protective film, effectively blocking the external factors of skin damage.
  • Add aloe juice, can inhibit excessive secretion of sebum and prevent clogging of pores, in addition to supplement the loss water of skin moisture, make skin smooth, moist, elastic.
  • Rich in glycerin, absorb the moisture in the air, relieve dry skin, effectively neutralize free radicals.
  • Contains hyaluronic acid natural moisturizing factor, maintain skin elasticity.


Application: outdoor protection, moisturizing base cream, gentle makeup remover, moisturizing and non-greasy



Product Name Australian Sheep Oil Cream

Applicable people: universal

Skin Type: universal

Efficacy: sunburn repair, moisturizing, hydrating, moisturizing

Expiration date: three years

Lotion/Cream category: Lotion Cream

Net content: 90 (g / ml)

Material: lanolin, aloe vera juice, hyaluronic acid, glycerin


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