Collagen Repair Cream




Collagen Repair Cream



A magic face cream

This cream is frosting when you put it in a bottle, but when you apply it to your skin, it will melt slowly into a liquid, immediately absorbed by the skin, and form a thin protective film on the skin surface.

About butter

Dr. Ali Bushnel, Professor of Dermatology, University of Cambridge, GOLDERMA Laboratory, led the laboratory in the study of skin cancer. Accidental discoveries in laboratory research DR. Ali Bushnel accidentally cut his finger with fragments of riboflavin extract containing butter emulsion. The healing speed of the cut was faster than before. This made him realize that riboflavin in butter butter can promote skin repair. 2934 days of intensive research Centrifugation separates complex ingredients that maintain the golden oil ratio of skin, have high antioxidant activity and provide nutrients for body metabolism. That’s our most important ingredient, butter.



Butter raw materials

From natural pastures in New Zealand, only 1.5 kilograms of butter can be extracted from 500 kilograms of grazing milk. In order to prevent the oxidation of butter, it is necessary to seal it with parchment containing more than 9% water.




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