Hyaluronic Acid Nicotinamide Face Serum




Hyaluronic Acid Nicotinamide Face Serum


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How to use:

Step 1: Flip lightly and make the essence fall to the bottom of the bottle

Step 2: Force to break it by covering the lid.

Step 3: Recover the lid

Step 4:Drip and apply

In the morning and in the evening, 1/2 of Ampoule is dripped in the palm. Massage with two hands and when the hands are hot, apply it onto the skin of the face and neck. Massage lightly till it is fully absorbed


Skin types: suitable for all skin types

Guarantee period: 3 years

Note:No taking orally or injection.

Specification of the product: 2 ml* 7 pieces


Penetrate and nourish skin and present luster skin

□Nourish skin

□Brighten skin

□Relieve dull skin

□Relieve fine lines

□Smooth skin

□Elastic skin


Ceramide 3

Lock moisture and hydrate, solidify the barrier of skin, improve the capacity of keeping the moisture and compact skin


Effectively hydrate and lock moisture, effectively control oil, shrink pores and improve skin and present young and beautiful skin.

Hyaluronic acid

Deeply enter the bottom of skin, relieve fine lines, hydrate the moisture the skin gets lost and improve the vitality and elasticity of skin

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