Makeup Remover Beans




Makeup Remover Beans



  • Perfect Makeup Remover – Rich foam, refreshing, cleansing and not tight after washing, amino acid cleansing ingredients, easily remove the makeup, prevents cosmetics residue.
  • Mild Amino Acid Ingredients – The use of weak acidic amino acid cleansing ingredients, products close to the skin’s own PH value of 5.8-6 slightly acidic environment, mild and non-irritating, more care of the skin.
  • Natural Plant Extracter – 80% ingredient extract from food, such as corn starch, castor oil, glucose, it clean the skin while add natural oils, making skin is smooth and not dry.
  • Product Efficacy – pink is suitable for pore cleaning, green is suitable for brightening skin, blue is suitable for refreshing skin.
  • Newest Design – Particle design, easy to use, one particle can clean face, two particle can shampoo, three particle can bath.


How to use:


Take a cleansing bean crushed in the palm of your hand, gently rubbing with a small amount of water after the bubble, evenly applied to the face, wash with water after massage can be, multiple tablets can also be applied to the whole body.

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