Moisturizing Face Toner




Moisturizing Face Toner


LAIKOU Face Toner Hyaluronic Acid Face Tonico Moisturizing Whitening Makeup Water Skin Care 125ML


✅Suitable: For All Types( Especially for Dry Rough Skin)



1. Accelerate skin cell metabolism, repair skin.

2. Reduce melanin, whitening skin and brightens the complexion.

3. Smooth skin, shrink pores, revitalizing skin cell, anti-aging.

4. Moisturizing hydrating all day, oil-control, not greasy, not stimulate.


✅[How to use]:

1. Cleanse your face

2. Apply appropriated amount evenly to face and neck

3. Massage it gently onto face from middle to the two sides to help it absorb

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