Shea Butter Cream




Shea Butter Cream

The difference between Unrefined Shea Butter and Shea Butter



Unrefined Shea Butter :Unrefined is a pure natural, light yellow paste. It retains the original taste of shea butter. Some people do not like its taste, and some impurities are found after melting. More often; or smear the skin directly (face and body, adults and children are available), very good anti-wrinkle sunscreen moisturizing effect, but this is 100% pure shea butter, no adulteration, please pay attention not to use when using Too much, too much will appear to be a bit oily, but it absorbs quickly, slipping and not sticky.

Usage: After cleansing in the morning and evening, use it after toner, first put it on.

The palm of hand is heated to melt it and evenly spread on the skin, for drying.

The effect of skin lifting is very good, and it can also be applied to the lips.

Can be used on entire body

Suitable for people: any skin is available, especially for ectopia.

Moisturizing and locking water for psoriasis, sensitive muscles and dry ultra dry skin.

It has good moisturizing and moisturizing properties, and is easy to absorb.

It also has the function of softening and softening the skin.

It can provide excellent moisturizing for skin and increase elasticity of skin, so as to reduce stretch marks.


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