Vitamin E Cream


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Vitamin E Cream

BIOAQUA Vitamin E Emulsion Face Cream


Usage Steps:


Please clean your face with cleanser first. Then take appropriate amount of this product evenly applied to your face skin (except eyes and lip) , massage in circle way for a minute to allow the skin to absorb the nutrient. The effect will be better if used often.

Suggestion: please try to use this product on the ear back skin. If there is any abnormal reaction or discomfort, please stop using.

Please put this product where is dry and cool. Avoid the high temperature and direct sunlight.



100% brand new and high quality!

Nourish the skin, add the required water to the skin

Moisturizing, nourishing the skin and making the skin fine and smooth

Mention beautiful,protect wet

Item Type: Vitamin E Emulsion

NET WT: 100ml

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